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Proud and Professional

Our skilled team of professionals are the backbone of VIP Parking Management. Their ideas help shape the direction of our business as it continues to develop, and they have the wherewithal to get every job done right.

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Gus Montiel


It didn’t take long for Gus Montiel to make an impact as the Owner. Professionalism to a tee, great creativity and never without a smile, Gus Montiel is a true natural master conversationalist and knows how to anticipate the needs of our clients and executes accordingly. His philosophy on how to create a safer, more effcient, healthier work environment has earned him praise and earned the loyalty of his top management and clients for over a decade.


Manuel Meza

General Manager

Mr. Meza came on board to help facilitate the company's Private Events business part time. He eventually stepped into a "Management" position after a few unexpected changes occured and the previous management was no longer in place. Year after year through the challenges the company has faced, and the hard times and the loss of decade long clients, Manuel has reinvented himself to lead yet a "New" Management Team.


Phil Cain

Account Manager

Undoubtedely, the hardest working individual on the team. The age with experience combined with physical ability and strength makes Phil a unique and a truly unreplaceable member of the team. Always with a smile and always committed.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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